乐动体育app Health Center will improve the health and academic success of all students by providing evidence based nursing, 体育训练, 心理咨询治疗, 在一个安全和友好的环境中进行健康教育.


护士, 辅导员, and athletic trainer offices are located within the MacDuffie School campus to promote wellness and disease prevention by early identification of health problems that might interfere in the educational process. 保健服务包括查明健康问题, 预防健康教育, 健康维护, 必要的治疗和心理干预, 医生转介, 还有急救.  


我们使用 Magnus健康传送门 to better connect you with your child’s school health and wellness information. 这个基于网络的系统提供了一个简单的, secure way for you to update and review important school health information and medical documents throughout the year. 通过24小时网络访问,您将能够:

  • Electronically sign and submit most health forms safely over the inter网

  • 审查和更新新的健康信息,如接种疫苗, 健康状况, 以及整个学年的筛选结果

  • Easily message the school health clinic to expedite communication

  • Magnus is accessed through your Blackbaud, so only one login/password to remember!

All medical information can easily be filled out in the Magnus健康传送门. 访问您的Magnus健康帐户:

  • 访问你的Blackbaud账户

  • 去黑波特资源委员会

  • click on the button titled “Magnus健康传送门” (no separate login required)

To help navigate what medical forms are required, here is a list:


  • 医疗许可书(家长签名)

  • Annual physical exam (upload; must be signed by a physician)

  • Immunization record (upload; must be signed by a physician)

  • 非处方药授权书(家长签名)

  • 处方药授权书 (upload; if medication will be taken on while on campus; must be signed by the prescribing physician)

  • 健康保险披露通知书(家长签名)

登机/Homestay students (in addition to the forms listed above):

  • 必需的疫苗同意书(家长签名)

  • TB Screening form (upload; must be signed by a physician)

  • Influenza Vaccine consent (upload; parent signature)





结核病筛查 (只限国际学生)

2023-24年度流感疫苗许可 (可选)


In order to ensure prompt and appropriate medical attention is given to your child, 要么是为了好好照顾,要么是为了紧急情况, 乐动体育app requires that your child have medical insurance information in file. All 健康保险 policies must meet the following 最低 qualifications:

  • Private Insurance must be US-based on medical insurance from an Affordable Care Act (ACA), 可信的计划. Information on whether your insurance meets ACA standards may be obtained from your insurer or from your employer’s benefits administrator.

  • 大众的健康

  • State 健康保险 provided by a state other than Massachusetts (e.g. SCHIP/Medicare计划)*

  • 旅行保险计划

国际寄宿学生将被录取 最低 school health insurance plan (Bronze) with the option to upgrade, 支付额外费用后,您可以选择银卡或金卡计划. Bronze plans WILL NOT cover the entirety of an emergency or routine medical bill. Upgraded plans cover more medical treatments, and require lower family out-of-pocket expenses. 强烈推荐 升级你的计划.  Please view the different plans (bronze, silver, gold) and what they cover 在这里.




在所有室内和室外空间,口罩都是可选的, 除非短期临时口罩强制令生效. A mask mandate will go into effect when spreading of an illness, 通过呼吸传播, 在学校里被证明是高的.


We will have antigen rapid tests available in the Health Center for symptomatic testing only. If you prefer your child not have testing done, please fill out the COVID测试选择退出 表格并将其返回到epiwcio@filtrosguayana.com .


不再需要暴露隔离, regardless of vaccination status or where the exposure occurred. All exposed individuals may continue to attend school as long as they remain asymptomatic. 那些可以戴口罩的人应该戴到接触后的第10天, 建议他们在接触后的第6天进行检测. If symptoms develop, follow the guidance for symptomatic individuals.


A person who tests positive must isolate for a 最低 of 5 days. The day of the positive test is considered day 0 (not day symptoms started). If they are asymptomatic or symptoms are resolving and they have been fever free without the use of fever-reducing medicine for 24 hours, they may return to school day 6 following the guidelines below:

  • 快速抗原Covid检测呈阴性. The individual does not need to mask upon return (unless a mandate is in effect).

  • 有一个 非常 快速抗原检测中有模糊的线. The individual is required to wear a mask until Day 10 (regardless if there is a mandate or not), 或者在6-10天内呈阴性, 先到者为准.


Symptomatic individuals can remain in their school or program if they have mild symptoms, 是否立即在现场检测新冠病毒, 测试结果是阴性的. Symptomatic individuals are strongly encouraged to wear a mask until symptoms are fully 解决. 对于有症状的人, DPH recommends a second antigen Covid test within 48 hours if the initial test is negative.

如果有症状的个体是寄宿学生, 而且不能立即检测, 在下列情况下,他们将被送回家并允许返回学校:

  • 症状仍然轻微 他们测试呈阴性,或者

  • they have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and their symptoms are 解决, or

  • 如果医学专家做出了另一种诊断


疾控中心建议推迟旅行,直到你是 充分接种疫苗, because 旅行 increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19 or other illness. 如果你要旅行,请遵循疾病预防控制中心的建议 国际 or 国内 旅行.



恢复中的盟友~ AlliesinRecovery.网是所有马萨诸塞州居民的免费会员.
If you are navigating the situation with a loved one who is mis-using alcohol or drugs, 在AlliesinRecovery注册免费会员.网. The online program for families gives support and training around getting a loved one on the road to recovery, with a focus on greatly improving your communication and interactions, 让他们接受治疗, 减轻了整个家庭的压力. 你会学到手艺, 一个强大的, evidence-based approach to improve outcomes for families who have a loved one with substance use disorder (SUD). Sign up with your local zip code for a FREE membership and get access to: self-guided eLearning modules, a Q&一个你可以提出自己问题的博客, 每周播客, 每周直播Zoom支持小组和培训小组.

The Department of Mental Health has launched a new Behavioral Health Helpline that people can call or text at (833) 773-2445. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in more than 200 languages. The help line can help individuals and families navigate the behavioral health system and access treatment, 包括流动危机服务. 欲了解更多信息,请参阅 常见问题解答 page. Anyone with questions or concerns about the help line can email the help line director at 绪.Tamanaha@mass.政府.


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