SAGE Dining Services


SAGE Dining Services® 

We’re proud to partner with SAGE Dining Services®, established in 1990 and the leading food service provider for independent schools and colleges throughout North America.

Thanks to the talented chefs from SAGE, meals at MacDuffie are a daily culinary adventure. SAGE treats our community to real food, cooked from scratch. SAGE designs custom, seasonal menus for us, reflecting the students’ preferences as well as the fresh products available in the market. SAGE’s Registered Dietitians review and approve each menu to ensure that it offers a wide variety of nutritious choices.

The Dining Hall serves three meals daily Monday through Friday and two meals on Saturday and Sunday.

Click here to see MacDuffie’s SAGE menu.

More About SAGE and Our Dining Experience:

Nutrition and Wellness

SAGE cares about our wellness. Their philosophy is that all foods fit, and The SAGE Spotlight Program® guides us to build nutrient-dense plates and develop positive habits. Check the Spotlight colors to make sure you’re getting balanced, Dietitian-recommended meals.

SAGE’s Registered Dietitians developed Performance Spotlight™ for athletes, based on guidelines from the U.S. Olympic Committee, NCAA, and other sports associations. This program provides necessary nutrients and education for each performance phase ꟷ training, performance, and recovery. 

Food Allergy Management

SAGE’s approach to food allergies values both safety and inclusivity. Registered Dietitians review every ingredient, recipe, and menu, then tag them with the top 12 allergens. We can use the online allergen filter and ingredient lists to plan our meals ahead of time. SAGE Team Members follow strict food allergy protocols. We’re always welcome to visit the kitchen and ask about inventory and preparation methods.

Local Sourcing

SAGE is committed to sourcing locally as much as possible to reduce fossil fuel emissions and increase the freshness and flavor of our food. Here’s just a small sampling of local foods you can enjoy:

  • Fruits and vegetables from Sardilli Produce in Hartford, CT.

  • Fresh-cut meat from Arnold’s Meats in Chicopee, MA.

  • Fresh-baked breads from Fantini Baking Company in Haverhill, MA

  • Coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company in Lee, MA


At The MacDuffie School, SAGE has seized countless opportunities to lessen their environmental impact by:

  • Creating less waste with refillable condiment pumps.

  • Roasting turkey, beef, and chicken in-house.

  • Cooking from scratch in small batches to reduce the use of preservatives, our carbon footprint, and waste.

  • Implementing trayless dining with minimal use of disposable items.

  • Recycling used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel.

SAGE understands that it’s our duty to protect and conserve the earth that sustains us. We invite you to join us in our current and future efforts to be responsible stewards of the earth’s resources.

Touch of SAGE™ Mobile App

Stay in touch with our SAGE team using SAGE’s free app. Review the menu, filter for allergens or specific eating patterns (vegetarian, vegan, and Performance Spotlight), and rate and comment on menu items to help SAGE build a fabulous menu!